From Hatching Eggs to Happy Chicks

Are you experienced at hatching or not? Are you experienced with Seramas, in particular? What type of incubator do you have? These and other questions are all important.

First things first, we recommend having an incubator that has circulated air and to have at least one after market thermometer and hygrometer to put inside your incubator to help assure accuracy. Seramas that are incubated have a hatch rate of about 40% to 60%. Day 1 through day 16, we run at 99.8 degrees with 50% humidity. On day 16 1/2, the eggs go on lockdown (no more turning) and the temperature remains 99.8 degrees and the humidity should be bumped to 60% to 65%. Usual hatch day for our Seramas is day 20 or day 21.

This is a basic lowdown of how to hatch eggs. Seramas can be a bit tricky to hatch.

Upon hatch, chicks should not be removed until totally fluffed up and preferably not until all the chicks have hatched. The yolk in their bellies is feeding them and keeping them alive at this point. Each hatch is a little different and may require extra involvement. But, normally within 24 hours or so, the chicks can be removed and placed in a ready to go cozy brooder.

We use fine ground up crumbled medicated feed for the first 4 weeks. Water in a very shallow dish to make sure they do not accidentally drown. Water is normally changed several times a day, especially in the beginning.

Rule of thumb: week 1 95 degrees, week 2 90 degrees, week 3 85 degrees, week 4 80 degrees, week 5 75 degrees and week 6 70 degrees.

This is a general idea. Happy Hatching!😊💎